QuickBooks Bootcamp

QuickBooks Bootcamp for You and Your Employees

A man starts a little business. He could be an attorney or a chiropractor or a sales rep. Anything. At the end of the year he takes his stuff to his CPA, who tells him “You need to get this stuff up on QuickBooks.”








Tame the paper monster!

So he goes to Costco or Staples and he picks up the QuickBooks software and he brings it home and tells his wife, who could be a school nurse, “You aren’t doing anything, you can keep the books.”

And another QuickBooks victim is born. She installs the software and maybe looks at a few of the videos, and gets to work. Poor thing, she really doesn’t know what she’s doing, and at the end of the year they take their stuff to the CPA and he charges them $2500 to clean up the QuickBooks before he can start on the taxes. Ow!

This is why I developed the QuickBooks Bootcamp. This is not a seminar that you take in a hotel, or a class that you take with 30 other QuickBooks victims.  I come to your office and I train you, your wife, or employees using your QuickBooks company file.  I show you everything you need to know to get started in QuickBooks properly, and I answer all the questions that keep coming up –

  • How do I record money that I spent out of my pocket or personal accounts that was for business expenses?
  • How do I personalize my invoices so they aren’t so ugly?
  • How can I create custom reports and transactions and memorize them so I can use them again?
  • Do I have to setup a vendor for every restaurant he every goes to?

A QuickBooks Bootcamp takes 3-4 hours, and I will train up to three people.  I offer two bootcamps, the QuickBooks Bootcamp and an Extreme Bootcamp, where I come back after you’ve had a chance to work with it for awhile and I walk you through reconciling your accounts and I answer all your questions that have come up.

So, if you are tired of being a QuickBooks victim, go to my website, sign up for my newsletter, and call me to schedule your QuickBooks Bootcamp. You will be so happy once you are clear about your bookkeeping skills and you know what is happening with your company and your money.

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